Offering cost-effective design, planning, 3D modelling & visualisation services.

Working with planning consultants, architects and private clients to get projects off to a successful start.

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SDMVisuals provides preliminary design, planning, 3d modelling & visualisation services for architectural design schemes.

With projects in Conservation Areas, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Sites of Special Scientific Interest, we have found it is often necessary to convey planning ideas in an easy to read, accurate and convincing way. Local residents and various institutions can be resistant to change when unable to fully grasp what is being proposed.

SDMVisuals' speciality is showcasing a project in a neutral and accurate way, visualising how it would look when completed. Work also goes into converting complex and sometimes hard to read architectural drawings into something that not only the public, but planners and potential investors fully understand and can get behind.

Time and cost-effective architectural visualisation is also a helpful tool for busy architects looking to persuade a client of their ideas or explore their concepts in three dimensions. Contemporary or unusual designs can often be daunting to a client who will be spending significant resources on what will often be a major part of their lives.

The varied set of skills and software at SDMVisuals allow for a wide set of possibilities when it comes to visual representation. Any concept can be converted from a rough sketch, email or meeting into a high quality, realistic or abstract image, document or video.

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A Photography service is available in the Somerset and Bristol area, specialising in architectural and landscape imagery to support potential schemes. A quick turnaround is provided, often allowing the site visit, upload and processing to be achieved the same day. Ultra high resolution images and panoramas can be seamlessly created from many individual shots as part of this service.

Image Editing

Sometimes a full 3D model and CGI montage aren't the cost effective solution. This is usually in the indicative stages of a project or when you simply need an existing photo or site 'tidied up' to show its potential.

This service is not limited to architecture; with 15 years of photographic editing experience, anything is possible. Get in touch to discuss your ideas. Below is an example of the above photograph, edited to show it's potential, for a sales brochure on behalf of Christopher Scott Ltd.

3D Modelling

SDMVisuals offers a computerised 3D modelling service using the latest ArchiCAD software. These models can be made to respond in real time to relevant floor plans, sections and elevations. It is also possible for various components such as structure, wall build up and furniture to be intertwined - offering the ability to break down the construction in 3D for presentation purposes. Thanks to recent advances in technology and widespread accessibility, it's now possible to view spaces using a virtual reality headset, giving an immersive, 3 dimensonal feel for a proposed space.

Computer Generated Imagery

Still, animated and combined real time imagery for concept development, sales or planning purposes. The best way to communicate your proposal is through a well-framed image or animation expressing how the project will look on completion. Solutions for most budgets and timeframes are possible so please get in touch to discuss your requirements and receive a free quote. Click here for an example video of a proposed barn conversion in collaboration with BCM and Hose Rhodes Dickson on the Isle of Wight. SDMVisuals was involved in the design, successful planning drawings and sales visualisation.

Design & Planning

Preliminary design, drafting and presentation services for those exploring the feasibility of a site or proposal. This service is intended as an efficient way of exploring the viability of a site and evolving a suitable design prior to appointing an architect for tendering, building regulations and construction. We will then be happy to hand over any drawings in the correct format to your chosen team and work with them as needed. For those looking to obtain planning permission, we can take your concept to this stage and work with you or a planning consultant to gain consent with the relevant authorities.

SDMVisuals has years of experience in securing planning for a variety of projects, ranging from residential extensions and high-end barn conversions to medium scale (100+ unit) developments and masterplan concept layouts. In addition to the residential sector, we have also prepared successful designs for industrial, commercial and agricultural applications; with over 150 planning packages prepared for submission, we can lend knowledge & experience to a wide range of proposals.

Our design services are customisable based on your needs; we can work with you from the earliest concept design stage, tailor your scheme to meet the expectations of your local planning authority, or simply present your ideas in a suitable format for application. All queries are welcome and work can be undertaken on an hourly or fixed quote basis to suit your needs. Combine the design and drafting work with our visualisation services and you'll stand the best chance of getting your project approved and off the ground.


Established on the Isle of Wight in 2013, Somerset based SDMVisuals has been involved with many engaging projects and established a loyal client base through high quality work, attention to detail, and consistence in meeting deadlines. Our work builds off specialist knowledge in architectural design, visualisation and graphics, and is guided by the aspiration to create a more attractive and naturally harmonious environment. Please get in touch with any queries or requests; we are always looking for a new challenge and will be more than happy to help.